In this chapter general information about the harp and its basic functions can be found.

Although the harp is one of the worlds oldest instruments it has only existed in its current form since the early 19th century when the double action pedal harp was invented. The double action pedal harp, or the concert-harp, as it is sometimes called, was developed further in the course of the 19th century, its pedal mechanism was improved and the instrument itself made stronger. Therefore it was not until the early 20th century that the instrument was perfected. Today, harps are strongly built and their mechanism is reliable. Pedals can be moved quickly and with ease, and the tuning mechanism is accurate. 

Recent years have seen the development of the electroacoustic harp. This web site is dedicated to the acoustic harp, nevertheless a short introduction to the electroacoustic harp can be found in this section.

On this website the acoustic, 47 string, double action pedal harp is called the harp.