Wooden object in strings

Composer and improviser Rhodri Davies has developed many interesting ways to prepare the harp. One of them is to insert wooden objects into the strings.


Wooden objects with a slot can be inserted between the strings. The object must have the right diameter to fit between the strings and not slip down. Furthermore the slot on the object has to be deep enough that the object stays in the strings while being played. Wooden honey spoons make an excellent fit.

When the object is secure in the strings it can be hit with a mallet or pulled with the fingers.

It is also possible, for example, to play a tremolo between two honeys spoons with a mallet:


The wooden object influences the overtone spectrum of the string so that when it is hit a gong-like sound is produced. The pitch of the gong-like sound depends on the object's position in the strings. It is necessary to experiment with the object's position to find a good sound.


A verbal explanation is necessary.


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