Tuning key jet

A tuning key jet sound is a very fast tuning key slide in one direction.


A jet sound is produced the same way as a tuning key slide, except that the metal tuning key is moved extremely fast in one direction, thereby creating a single jet-like sound.


The sound is a fast, continuous slide.


A jet sound is notated with a notehead indicating the string on which the jet should be played and an arrow showing the direction of the slide. The tuning key symbol is added above or below.

Tuning key jet

Tuning key jet.


Tuning key jets can be executed on all strings. However, they are most effective on the longer gut strings, that is, in the middle register. In the high register the strings are so short that it is hard to fit the key on the string in order to make a jet. On the metal strings the sound is considerably different, since both the string and the sliding device are made of metal. Furthermore, it is hard to reach the lower strings with both hands. To do so, the harpist must either place the harp down from the shoulder or move the whole body to the left-hand side.