Tuning key tremolo


The metal shaft of the tuning key is inserted between two strings and rattled back and forth to hit both strings. The strings are not plucked with the fingers.


A tuning key tremolo sounds rather soft and metallic. It is possible to move the key up and down along the string while making the tremolo. The result is a change in pitch; the closer the tuning key gets to the sound board, the higher the pitch.


The tuning key symbol is added above or below the normal tremolo notation. If the tuning key should change position in the strings while making the tremolo, the position changes must be indicated above the stave. Note that as the tuning key moves lower in the string, the pitch gets higher. However, it is important to notate the movement of the tuning key and not the change of pitch.

Tuning key tremolo

Tuning key tremolo, stationary/moving down in strings.


The whole harp.