Bas dans les Cordes

Bas dans les cordes is French and means to play low in the strings.


The fingers pluck the strings somewhat lower that normally, that is between the soundboard and the center of the strings.


The sound of b.d.l.c. is not as nasal as p.d.l.t., but is less resonant than tones played in the normal position. It is common to use this effect in the lower registers to obtain a clearer and more precise sound.


B.d.l.t is written above or below the note or group of notes. It should be clear when the b.d.l.t. passage ends. Write ordinario (ord.) or use lines for clarity.


Bas dans les cordes.


It is possible to play b.d.l.c in all registers of the harp, however its use is most effective below the middle c.


Optimal register for b.d.l.c