Xylophonic sounds


Xylophonics are muted sounds with a clearly distinguished pitch.


To produce xylophonic sounds one hand mutes the strings by pressing them with the fingers close to the soundboard. The other hand plays the strings normally. The hand can mute up to four notes at the same time provided they lie within the distance of 7 strings.


Like the name indicates the sound is close to the sound of the Xylophone; wooden, muted, dry and percussive.


Xyl. or sons xylophoniques is written above or below the relevant notes. It should be clear when the xyl. passage ends. Write ordinario (ord.) or use lines for clarity.


Xylophonics notation.

Sometimes the strings that are to be muted by one hand are additionally indicated with diamond shaped notes below the xyl. notes. This is a good reminder since it visually shows that both hands are involved in the production of the xylophonic sounds.


Alternative xylophonics notation.


Xylophonic sounds can be played comfortably on all strings that lie within the range of the right hand.