Flutter glissando


A flutter glissando is a light glissando produced with the fingertips of one or more fingers. The fingers are held vertically to the strings and the hands slide alternately over the strings in a back and forth motion.

A flutter glissando can be played stationary; the fingers slide repeatedly over the same strings, or moving; the fingers slide over the same interval but move simultaneously upwards or downwards in the harp's range.


A flutter glissando has a round and light sound. It can be produced very quickly and softly.


A flutter glissando is notated by indicating the interval that the fingers should slide over. A tremolo sign is added to the stem of the notes and the term flutter gliss added above.

If the flutter glissando moves through the range of the harp an interval should be placed at the beginning and the end of the moving flutter glissando.

As with all glissandos, pedal settings should be indicated at the beginning of the glissando passage.

Flutter gliss


A flutter glissando can be produced within the range of the right hand.