Xylophnonics with one hand


The 4th or 3rd finger mutes the string finger at its base (close to the soundboard). Thereafter the thumb plucks the string. Since the stretch of the hand is limited the thumb plucks the string somewhat below its middle, especially in the case of the longer strings.


Since the string is plucked a little below its midpoint (see production) the sound is slightly more nasal than normal xylophonic sound.


A verbal explanation is necessary, such as: one handed xyl. or xyl. with one hand.


One handed Xylophonics are comfortable in the following range:


Optimal range for one-handed xylohonics.

N.B: One-handed Xylophonics played with the left hand below the great octave G require an uncomfortable stretch forward from the harpist and restrict the movements of the right hand.